Transforming Work & Home Environments For The New Social Distancing Measures

Our shop products and our on-site installations allow companies to continue to trade whilst keeping your clients and staff safe at all times. 

PPE Supplies

Personal Protective Equipment encompasses a huge range of supplies, apparatus and accessories designed to protect the user against health or safety risks.

Repeat Orders

We can fully automate your PPE supplies by fulfilling repeat orders to ensure that you never run out of essential supplies / equipment.

Bespoke Solutions

We offer a bespoke product service tailored to your specific space and requirements with the ability to include branding, safety graphics and or text. 

Range Of Services

Our service is fuelled by dedication and knowledge to ensure your workplace can thrive through times of uncertainty.


Our Past Customers Have Said

Complete Social Distancing has made all the difference to us being able to trade, which means that we will survive the severe times we are facing. Their extensive knowledge and advice has been second to none, and has been valued so much. They have been reliable from start to finish. A huge thank you from us.

Century Access

Thank you so much for making it possible for us to continue what we love, training students and keeping our staff safe. We can’t recommend Complete Social Distancing Solutions enough!

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